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Strengthen Your Therapeutic Reflections

Reflections are a key aspect of child-centered play therapy. Being able to make strong reflections will help develop counselor’s abilities to work in not only child counseling, but counseling with adults and adolescents as well. Reflections are so important in counseling because they not only communication to the client that you are listening, but that you empathize and understand.

Although reflections are a basic therapy skill, they take very strong observation skills on behalf of the clinician, particularly in child therapy. Therapists have to pay attention to the child’s body language, facial cues, and tone of voice in order to make a successful reflection. On top of this, it is important that play therapists make reflections that children understand. A child therapist will be more successful making the reflection “you feel mad” versus “you feel infuriated” to a young child.

Today’s blog will provide you with an opportunity to practice your reflections! I made a free handout of reflection practice for you to hone your reflection skills. Complete it and when you are done, come back and click on the answer sheet to review some possible answers.

FREE Counseling Reflection Practice Handout

Handout Answer Key Part 1

Handout Answer Key Part 2

Happy reflecting and, as always, Play On!



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