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Play Products: Mad Dragons

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Welcome to the second post in the play products series! This series discusses play therapy products that I frequently use in my work as a play therapist and products that I think are valuable for you to know about!

As a disclosure, I have no connection to the marketers of this product. I am simply recommending this product to you all because I believe in it! 


Today’s post is about one of my absolute favorite therapy games: Mad Dragons!

Mad Dragons is a card game that focuses on anger management. The great thing about this game is that is helps kiddos on a multitude of skills, including conflict resolution, coping skills, problem solving, impulse control, sharing and taking turns, and attending to small details.

The game comes with 100 cards with number, questions, and statements. The game is played like Uno in that each player plays puts down a card that matches the number or color. The difference is that you answer the question or reflect on the statement, all of which are generally focused on anger management for children.

I highly recommend this game not only to work with children dealing with a high level of anger, but any child that could utilize learning coping skills, conflict resolution, or sharing and taking turns.

I hope you enjoy Mad Dragons and keep on playing on!



2 thoughts on “Play Products: Mad Dragons

  1. I too love this game for kids in therapy. I made three figures out of clay to go with the game and practice skills used in the game. I made a mad dragon, joyful dragon and calm dragon. We explore that worries and anxiety often make kids feel mad and calm dragon helps mad dragon calm down, joyful dragon teams up and helps when calm is working! Kids love it!


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