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Fill Your Cup Self-Care Activity

Copy of Strengthen Your Therapeutic Reflections-2

Self-care. A term that is thrown around so much in the field of mental health. But boy is it important, for both the clinician and the client.

Today’s child therapy intervention will be focusing on self-care and assisting the client in identifying ways that they participate in self-care. I have worked with many clients recently who are such givers that they tend not to care for themselves. This activity assists individuals in reflecting  on what they do to take care of themselves and what they can do to improve. This can be a really beneficial activity not just for clients, but clinicians themselves.

Here is what you need for the activity

-Writing utensil

-Free “How Do You Fill Your Cup?” Handout

Click Here For Your FREE Handout!

First, have the client use the worksheet to document all that they do for self-care in their daily life. This includes anything that they do to take care of themselves, such as listening to music, exercising, talking to friends, reading a book etc.

Example of completed “How Do You Fill Your Cup?” Worksheet

After the client has filled out the worksheet, process with them the experience. Is there cup full or empty? Did they realize they are engaging in more self-care than they think? Do they think they need to engage in more self-care? What other things could they do to engage in self-care? How can they take care of others if their cup is not full? Are they doing enough relaxing self-care activities, such as taking a bath, but aren’t being active enough?

I can say from personal experience that some individuals may need more self-care than others. It can be helpful for clients to know this tidbit and reflect on if they need more self-care compared to friends or family or even than what they personally think should be “enough.”

As I previously said, this is a great intervention to use both with clients and as clinicians, be it individually or in supervision. Counselors have a really tough job and it is important to continuously monitor ourselves, how we are doing, and if we need to fill our cup a little bit more.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I additionally hope that you carve out a chunk of time today to engage in self-care. You need to

Play on!



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