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Play Products: Cat in the Hat “I Can Do That!” Game

I Can Do That

Welcome to my new feature series called “Play Products.” In this series, I will be discussing play therapy products that I frequently use in my work as a play therapist.

As a disclosure, I have no connection to the marketers of this product. I am simply recommending this product to you all because I believe in it! 


Today’s product is the Cat in the Hat “I Can Do That!” Game! One of my colleagues recommended this game to me and to be honest, at first I was a little reluctant. I am generally not a big fan of games that are connected with books, movies, tv shows etc. She ensured me that it was not the kind of game I was thinking of and boy was she right!

This game can help your clients work on a multitude of things including:

  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Listening skills
  • Multistep directions
  • Increasing ability to focus
  • Attending to small details
  • Problem solving
  • Increasing self-esteem

…….and probably many other things that I am forgetting!

The goodies that come in the “I Can Do That!” Game

The game comes with many little pieces (which I am sure why it is recommended for age 4+). When playing, I recommend setting a limit with the child to keep all of the toys in the box. They are very interesting and fun little toys, but can become very distracting to many children with behavioral difficulties!


The game also comes with “1” cards, “2” cards, and “3” cards, each with a specific purpose. The “1” cards state the movement that the child will have to engage in. The “2” cards specify the object that the child will use. Finally, the “3” cards tell the child where to put the object.


To play the game, mix up all of the cards! Have the child pick a one card, a two card, and a third card (no peeking!). Have the child flip the cards over and see what it instructs them to do.

“Slide under the trick-a-ma-stick with mother’s new gown inside your clothes”
“Step over the trick-a-ma-stick with the fish under your chin”

Encourage the child to complete the task. Mix the cards up and repeat!

I have found much success in using this with children with symptoms related to ADHD and/or anxiety. I have also happily seen children expand on the game and creatively come up with their own movements to use in the game.

Have you used the Cat in the Hat “I Can Do That!” Game with your own children or clients? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Until next time, play on!



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