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Emotional Animals Play Therapy Intervention

Emotional identification is something that is almost always worked on in child therapy. One fun way to do this is by using the emotional animals dice game! I have seen this game online before, but wanted to share my most recent creation of the game.

I have seen many versions of this game contain words to represent the feelings and animals, but my version uses simply images. I work with primarily the early childhood population (ages 3-6). Children in the early childhood group are either extraordinary readers, have difficulty reading, or are somewhere in between. Using images instead of words makes it easier for children to participate and have confidence that they can participate in the game without having to ask the clinician for help.

Here is what you will need for the intervention:

-Print outs of 12 animals

-Print outs of 12 feeling faces

-2 Dodecahedron cubes from the dollar store


Dodecahedron Cube from the dollar store


To create the dice for this intervention, I used one of my new finds from the dollar store: the dodecahedron cube. When put together, the cube has 12 sides and can roll, making it ideal for therapy activities.

Sides of the dodecahedron cube

I printed out 12 animals to put on the one cube and 12 feelings faces to put on the other cube. I personally used clip art animals and my favorite feelings faces. Paste the images on the pieces of the cube prior to constructing the cube. After you have created your cube, you are ready for the intervention.


For the activity, have the child roll both cubes. Whatever animal and feeling face the cubes are on, the child has to act out. For example, if the child rolls “cow” and “excited,” they have to act out an excited cow.

Completed Cubes

This is a really fun game to explore emotional identification with kids. I personally run two early childhood social skills groups and love to use this game in the group setting.

Tell me your experience with the emotional animals game below!

Play On!




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