Play Therapy Interventions

Monster Spray Child Therapy Intervention

There are so many kids out there that are getting terrible sleep. It’s honestly an epidemic. There are children that wake up in the middle of the night, are unable to fall asleep, have nightmares, and overall get a limited amount of sleep. Sleep is VITAL to children’s well being! There have been cases at the clinic I work at where children’s behavioral concerns go away after simply changing their sleep hygiene.

That being said, there are many kids that I work with that have difficulty sleeping due to feelings of fear, anxiety, and overall worry. The Monster Spray intervention is great in helping these kids feel more confident about going to bed and being protected while they are in dreamland.

Here’s what you need:

-Empty Spray Bottle


-Coloring Utensils





Before getting into the activity, I explore with my clients some of their worries and fears associated with going to bed at night. Some of my kiddos are scared of monsters, the dark, or being away from their parents. I introduce the child therapy activity by telling my client that I have something that can get rid of those scary thing and make them feel more comfortable going to sleep: Monster Spray!

Empty Spray Bottle for Monster Spray

The first thing that you need for the intervention is an empty spray bottle. I personally like to save up my hairspray bottles that I use. Spray bottles can also be bought inexpensively at a dollar store.

The next thing we do is create the label. For my example, I created a label on my printer with text and a clipart monster. I generally prefer to have the child assist in creating the label, giving them some control in the activity.

Then, tape the label onto the bottle.


After the label is secure, place a mixture of water and glitter into the spray bottle. I always make sure to check with parents if it is okay to put glitter into the spray bottle since the glitter may go everywhere when sprayed!

I then practice using the monster spray with my client. Encourage the kiddo to spray the monster spray every night before going to bed in order to make monsters and their anxieties go away. Educate the parents about the monster spray in order for the intervention to be more likely implemented at home.

There it is! Hope this intervention helps your kiddos relieve some of their fears and anxiety. Until next time, Play On!




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