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4 Games in 1: The Power of Jenga!

I have gone through the depths of the Interwebs searching for play therapy techniques and interventions that stand the test of time, and this one keeps on showing up! I have seen many variations of the game of Jenga used in child therapy and today I’m going to provide you with not just 1 version of the game, but 4!

Jenga is a great therapeutic game to use with kids in general because it teaches them to increase their frustration tolerance. What kid doesn’t get frustrated when they work so hard to line all those blocks up perfectly just to have them fall down?!

Not only does my version of the game help kiddos increase their frustration tolerance, but it helps with emotional identification, social skills, anger management/coping skills, and building rapport as well. Here’s what you need to make your own therapeutic game of Jenga:

Once you have all of your items, all you have to do is cut out the Jenga questions and statements and glue them to the side of the Jenga pieces. Make sure each Jenga piece has a different color on each side. Each color represents a different topic. For example, green is building rapport, yellow is anger management/coping skills, pink is social skills, and orange is emotional identification.

Now that your creation is complete, test it out with your clients. I personally like to have my clients focus on one to two different topics at a time.

Comment below with how your clients respond to the game.

Play on!



6 thoughts on “4 Games in 1: The Power of Jenga!

  1. This looks like a great intervention. I’d really like to try it out but I can’t find your list of questions to download. Could you tell me where to find them? Thanks!!


  2. Hi Kait Would you mind if I shared you ideas with a group I am in? We were talking about the jenga game the other day and I know they would find your ideas really useful.


      1. Thank you Kait.
        I’ve only just come across your blogs/page and find them very informative!
        Thank you.


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